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Discover Proven Strategies to Boost Mental Toughness in Today's hockey player
WHAT'S INSIDE: My Step-by-step blueprint for Building Mental Toughness in Players who are serious about taking their game to another level (You really Don't Want To Miss This...)
Discover Proven Strategies to Boost Mental Toughness in Today's hockey player
WHAT'S INSIDE: My Step-by-step blueprint for Building Mental Toughness in Players who are serious about taking their game to another level (You really Don't Want To Miss This...)
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Right Preparation is about knowing what you want, what you believe, knowing who you are and what you’re willing to do. What kind of player do you want to be? Why do you play the game? What would you like to accomplish? To be a Complete Player you need to be on a defined path and working every day to achieve.
Right Practice unlocks your true potential as a hockey player. Through focus, drive, and deliberate effort, you can learn the science of elite skill development to create measurable physical and psychological changes in your mind and body that will generate a lifetime of enhanced performance.
You won't always be the strongest or most skilled player on the ice, but you can always be the most competitive. Right Performance is being able to bring a level of effort, competitiveness, resiliency, grit, determination, and mental toughness that lets you stand out among the rest and become a Complete Player.
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What NHL Coaches Say About Mental Toughness:
As you move up the competitive ladder, skill can only take you so far. And at some stage, your work ethic, your focus, and your determination has to take over. As the pyramid narrows at the top, the ones that are left standing are the ones that have a certain level of mental toughness.
- Ken Hitchcock, NHL Coach
Part of the mental game is understanding that hockey is a roller coaster. A lot of players give up before they realize how close they were to the finish line. Everyone is trying to get better and sometimes you just don’t have the enthusiasm to do the work. That's mental toughness. You have to find the strength, determination, and discipline to get through those tough days.
- Barry Trotz, NHL Coach
Dedication to your craft is important if you want to be a hockey player. It means sacrifice and toughness to do what it takes to be the best player you can be. If you want to be a hockey player then you do all the little things that make a difference.
- Bruce Boudreau, NHL Coach
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confidence, focus, composure, motivation, toughness, fearlessness, preparation, grit, discipline, compete-level, leadership, and more...
The mental aspect in hockey is every bit as important as the physical game. Most athletes devote endless hours developing their physical abilities yet only a very small percentage of players do anything to develop their mental skills. Being at the top of your game requires both physical and mental sharpness; by utilizing both sets of skills, you can have a cutting edge over your opponent.
Hockey Grit, Grind, and Mind
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Grit allows a player to do whatever it takes to grow their skills and endure the long, hard climb to playing elite hockey. Without grit, there is little motivation to "push through the wall." Without grit, there is no drive to do the difficult things or to endure the painful training necessary to play at the highest levels.

In Hockey Grit, Grind, & Mind, Sport Psychology Consultant, Level 5 USA Hockey Coach, and Peak Performance Coach Kevin Willis shows players, coaches, and parents how to:

  • increase the consistency in a players game
  • step up in pressure situations
  • play with more confidence and poise
  • persevere when others are giving up
  • crystallize their vision of where they want to go in hockey
  • stand out and catch the eye of coaches and scouts

With the tools, insights, and strategies to help you train and compete like the pros, you're about to take your game-and your grit- to a whole new level.

Player assessments offer insight into your biologically based personality traits to understand how those traits influence you as a player or a coach. Assessments provide instant feedback on player strengths and personality style, and it highlights opportunities for growth and improvement. They assess areas such as confidence, focus, competitiveness, grit, doubt, social approval, and expectations and offers feedback and strategies for improvement in all of these mental skill areas. 
HT Assessment
 The HockeyType Biopsychosocial Assessment
TCP Assessment
The Complete Player Core Mental Skills Assessment
TAIS Assessment
The Attentional and Performance Under Pressure Assessment
Do You Know Your Grit Score??
What Players, Coaches, and Parents Say About Mental Toughness:
Working with Coach Kevin has really made a huge difference in how I feel about myself when it comes to playing hockey. Ever since we started talking I feel like a brand new person.
- PLAYER - Michael
When we started with Dr.Dub, my son was in a slump and nothing was going right - Once he started working with him he immediately began to turn his game around. He gave him the confidence and tools he needed to succeed. 
- PARENT - Dean
Thanks for everything you helped me with last year. I can't wait for this year to begin and my focus is 100% different than it was.  I'm excited to attack any situation and feel confident in myself and my abilities.
- PLAYER - Tucker
Mental toughness is a huge part of my game. I have great coaches to teach me hockey skills but when it comes to coaching my mental game, Dr Dub is the best. He has made me a better player there is no doubt about it.
- PLAYER - Bodie H.
Having coached at all levels including Professional Teams, Juniors, College, Prep School, and  of course Youth Hockey, I know how important it is for players to gain a mental edge throughout their development. Kevin's approach is the perfect program for teams, players, and even parents to gain a better understanding of mental toughness in hockey and learn important skills to ultimately improve their game. 
- COACH - Tony M.
Supporting and helping your kid in hockey is something every parent works so hard to do. You want them to have every advantage, including mental toughness. The Complete Player Coaching Program is a much needed development component for today's player.
- PARENT - Linda L.
hockey confidence, mental toughness
hockey confidence, mental toughness
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